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"There is a 9 hole course on Mae Joe Road (Called Sansai Golf and Driving Range). I believe that it is 250 a round."

I use this course quite regularly when I'm home, the last time was in December and the cost then was 150 Baht, for this you could play the 9 holes as many times as you wanted. Whether it has gone up to 250 Baht I will be able to tell you about the 5th April when I get back.

You should be able to get by playing in trainers rather than purchasing golf shoes, initially anyway.

The one piece of golfing parapanalia I suggest you purchase if you play at Sansai is one of this extending ball retrievers used to get balls out of water hazards.

You pay for your day ticket at the main entrance to the driving range, where you can purchase bags of golf balls fairly cheaply.

I hope this helps

How far is this from Thae Pae Gate (Montri Hotel) My wife & I were in Chiang Mai for a month last Nov/Dec never heard of this golf course. Played once a week at Lanna Golg (Too expensive for 2). Appreciate info' on this. Regards, Les. :o

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