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Buddhism And Cats

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No profound points to be made here (though that said everything that makes us consider and examine the wonder that is life is potentially profound) but was thinking about how many cats (and dogs) that you see in temples in Thailand and came across this video Buddha and Cats. I've often seen monks petting and being friendly with cats which seem more wholesome than the moth eaten soi dogs that take up residence in the temples. How does this fit in with non-attachment ?

Apparently in some Buddhist cultures cats can be regarded as holy creatures particularly so as they are perceived to be one of the more ‘mindful’ animals and have traditionally been useful in keeping down pests such as mice and rats that feed on food stores. The Birman cat - also known as the sacred cat of Burma descends from cats that were raised in Buddhist temples in Burma and the monks regarded that the souls of the departed returned to earth as a cat. Traditional folklore is supposed to beleive that on the death of a person if he had reached the highest level of enlightenment then their soul would return to earth for one last time as a cat and when it dies would be freed to reach nirvana.

Remarkably from the source they postulate that the cat is believed to speak with Buddha in favour of its owner that is still alive ! The other videos were ones I made in a temple on the outskirts of Hat Yai.


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On 5/4/2013 at 9:33 PM, lungmi said:

Three years ago I wanted to marry in Thailand. Everything o.k. but thefamily wanted a last check. An old monk, a venerated "future teller" had to check me. I agreed.

The old monk looked to me and sat down for meditation. His cat jumped inside his meditation seat. We had to wait a long time. Then the cat closed the meditation by jumping outside.

The old monk gave information to the family of my bride: Nothing to scare, he is not good for money and business, but very good for "nature".

Later, the cat jumped to my bride claiming some sweetheart for the good job.

Now we have two cats for happiness.

Just couldn't figure out what you are saying. Do you know how to skin a cat?

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