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Roto-Tiller, Anyone Using One Here.

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Saw one at GlobalHome today for 14,000 from "Tuf" (enough said).

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On 7/12/2020 at 9:46 PM, kuma said:

Yea that is the local way, so lets see. Trying to sleep now and go witness the dig....see whats under there, adjust outcome as we go to make sure its a one and done, and have a beer and some fun!

Tough thou, usually sleep at 07:00-14:00, so need to reverse for the day...if I can.

So an update. I got the land flipped, fhey used a macro (as they call them here). He did the whole piece in about 5.5 hours. Paid 4k in the end, he did great work and helped move some trees we cut down as well. Now letting it settle back down...rain almost daily helps with that. Glad in the end I did it, now on to whats next.

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