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Markets And Stalls

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Fruit market.. Samui


Wow ! 40 to 80 baht one kg of mangoo !!

Here in north of Issan we can buy mangoo at the market for 10 baht the kg and they are free along the roads ...

Samui is very expensive and not only about fruits ...bah.gif

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^Someone complained about prices in Koh Samui, compared to Issan.

For a Pig's head, you have to pay top$ in Buriram, in Chonburi/Rayong hard to find on the markets.

You need to pre-order, and the price is less than half than in Buriram...

Could be a business idea...

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Maybe an 8 legged pig with 2 heads would help satisfy ?

Bring down the prices , and feed a lot more folk !

Just think ....we all could win whistling.gif

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Not for the faint hearted,have eaten just about everything thing there is in LOS,

but this one still remains on my 'try before you die' list (at the very bottom) whistling.gif


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^^^ Balut= fermented duck or chicken eggs usually with a partially developing embryo inside.

Not cooked in the Philippines however, usully but not always cooked/grilled in other SEA

countries like LOS & Kampooch....

Shaggy...if you never eat balut before you die that's a good thing. Tastes like what it smells

like & my analogy isn't fit to put here because it deals with fecal matter & rubbish bins in a

wet market at high noon. BBQ K-9 in hot sauce is much better...believe me!

Balut is pronounced....Bah-loot. Just FYI FWIW that y'all....

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