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Foreigner Beaten By Tuk-Tuk Drivers After Not Paying Extortionate Fee At Karaoke Bar

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Good luck for the tuk-tuk driver who wants to best me. I always have weapons on me. Every foreigners should do the same for their safety. It is the far west here

You always have weapons on you? Sorry dude, but all that will do for you is get you a very long stay in the Bangkok Hilton. If you hurt one of these mafia types with one of your weapons, you will be lucky if we are not reading about you in the news as a "suicide in Thailand". WOW, just can't believe that you were ignorant enough to post on here that you always have weapons on you. If involved in any incident they can and will use that statement against you to help in any legal issues against you. Another internet tough guy!


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I don't know what I get sick hearing more of -- Thais assaulting foreigners or pathetic foreigners who can't beat the crap out of a bunch of Thais that collectively won't even way 100kgs.

If your a grown man and don't know how to fight, LEARN! The term 'polite society' wasn't coined in the developing world. And yes, this is still the developing world. Thais have respect for those who fight back (yes they do) -- and if you're attacked you do have the right to fight back.

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I did the tuk tuk thing once. Didn't get scammed luckily, but I learned quickly that all tuk tuk drivers are the scum of the earth. If you have to, you take them from point A to point B, and decide the price before you get in.

Or as another poster said, avoid the after-hours karaoke and Thai clubs anyway as they are rarely anything but trouble for farang.

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You gotta be either Tone Deaf or just plain Deaf to walk into one.

You can hear them from a mile away when the wind is right.

Karaoke was invented originally by gnomes in Japan.

Gnomes are tone deaf in Japan.

And anyone who walks into a karaoke around these parts must be


DEAF and


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Steps to minimize the probability of getting into trouble with Thai people:

- Stay away from dodgy places too late at night

- Stay away from hookers too late at night

- Learn the language

- Make a positive attitude, make jokes and stuff often but be humble

- Get some Thai friends

But who gonna explain that to all those tourists who are booking their first holiday to Thailand ?

Maybe insert a flyer into the travel brochures ?

I would say most of those are common sense for any city. Running around late at night just about anywhere increases the chances of an altercation, whether its a scam or just some drunk guys looking to rough someone up, and playing around with hookers just adds to the danger.

Having said that, every guide book I've ever read, regardless of what country its for has tips to avoid trouble. If its your first time in the country, you should always do a little planning ahead of time, whether its a printed guidebook or google searching. If you don't, you're going to end up in trouble.

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Will the video surveillance camera's in the area all suddenly be "broken" or is that just a phenomenon confined to Phuket when mobs of tuk tuk drivers beat up foreigners?

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I had the <deleted> beat out of me by a drunk tuk tuk driver the first year here in CM. Scams happen and you pay them off and learn. Don't have the money????? Then maybe you get beat up. If you can not remember anything else -- remember the number on the tuk tuk. They all have one.

Second thing -- Don't go to Thai Karoke bars. Massive rip offs and primarily for Thais. If you do go, go with a group of Thai family members or real Thai friends that you trust. If fact, don't go to Karoke bars, expensive 'massage' establishments, or any other questionable night-life spots with a tuk tuk driver. These guys are on the payroll and will expect compensation by you sport.

And considering the 'Run to a safe 5 star hotel' idea. Temporary fix and probably not a bad one, especially if you have remembered that tuk tuk number. The cops will get involved. But even if the guy gets caught, don't think it's over! It's not! My dear pasty white Farang fellow traveler, you might not be able to recognize them on sight, but I guarantee they will recognize you, and that they will eventually find you. And when they do my friend, it ain't gonna be a simple beating you get -- if you get my drift. My best friend's brother got his eye taken out by some not-so-nice people that tend to be involved in a lot of these scams. Got a good international hospital insurance policy?

Are you hurt bad my friend? I truly hope not. You learned a lesson. Wipe the blood off and consider yourself a wiser person. And never let things that should stay a minor incident escalate into something that can become life-threatening.

Enjoy the remainder of your stay.

This pasty white farlang remembers faces very well and I would not back down to this pieces of S^&*.

Until they learn thier lesson they will keep hurting people, even those that are doing the right thing. Sorry, but I am just a vengeful old man, the kind you are sorry to mess with.

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Tell them the cash is in your hotel room at any 5 star hotel. Once safely inside, the hotel will help. Happened to a thwarted jet ski scam attempt in Pattaya.

How and why hotel will help?

Call the police when in the hotel.

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“It was all captured on a CCTV camera and I have got the option to press charges,” he says, “but retribution does not thrill me. I just want to warn others.”

I wouldn't worry about retribution, but spending several days in a police station pressing charges, knowing all the time that at best the attackers will get a 500 baht fine, would deter me too.

Since the tuk tuk mafia is running that town, and other towns, the only thing to do is stay away from them at all times. Just like one would stay away from any organised crime gang. And no, it is not just a few bad apples, virtually every tuk tuk driver in the country is a scumbag!

Oh, a very jaundiced view. I have met many tuk tuk drivers who are hard working and genuine people. Of course I do not spend most of my time in these dens of iniquity where you meet a lower class of people both staff and guests. Who taught who about this type of behaviour?

Lets face it, a large number of Farang are the less desirable of their respective countries. Far be it from me to cast aspersions on the writer, he was probably only there to get a drink??

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