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What Do You Cook/nuke In Your Microwave?

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Only my personal opinion but surviving on microwave food long term is not good for you. I've no scientific evidence to back this assertion up, but I don't feel too good after a day or two of microwaved food.

Very small doses is okay with me.

I wont be having 3 meals a day using the microwave.

So far I use it for reheating and the few things I can cook but not using it a lot.



Microwave radiation is not ionizing radiation - it does not make anything radioactive. Don't stick your face at the microwave door watching things cook. But harmless otherwise. Microwaving food is very good at killing bacteria and parasites that may be in the food or in the water you might add. Microwaves boil the bacteria or parasite from the inside blowing it up even when the food is not taken to high temperature... So it is actually better for this purpose than other methods. Just envision little microscopic steam explosions :)

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OP - you mentioned omelet. I make omelets too. I use a low power 3 and cook for a long time 6 to 8 minutes depending on Microwave power 800 --- 1100 watt, etc. I sometime pre-cook any veggies I put into the omelet depending on what they are. Also - in my microwave omelet I use a table spoon or so of milk and a tea spoon of cooking oil - works and taste great. I make a 'Fried Egg" in a similar way --- small bowl, tea spoon oil, power 3 for up to 6 minutes or so depending on wattage of the microwave. Of course you can cook eggs faster - but I like the predictable results lower power and more time gives.

If you don't have a water boiling / heating kitchen gadget then you can cook pasta in the microwave. Get water to near boiling - add dry pasta - cover add heat if necessary - check after about 10 minutes

There used to be sold a type of 'foil-paper' that you could use to cover meat and it would brown the outer surface. This is not the same as regular aluminum foil. Some frozen dinners come packaged this way.

OP - I have to add ... take precautions with the time I suggest . Use about 1/2 the time I recommend - then add more quickly if when you check it - it is not done. Then after a bit of trial and error take note of the best times and there you have it.

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