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10 Million Baht Worth Of Siamese Rosewood Seized In Nong Khai

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10 million baht worth of Siamese rosewood seized in Nong Khai

BANGKOK, 14 May 2013 (NNT) – Over 10 million baht worth of Siamese rosewood has been seized in Nong Khai Province while being smuggled out to a neighboring country.

Around 80 logs of Siamese rosewood were confiscated yesterday by Nong Khai officials as they were being smuggled out of the country by boat. Officers believed that the wood would have fetched at least 10 million baht if they had gotten out of the country. The wood was seized at the bank of the Mekong River.

According to an officer, the smugglers brought the wood into the area around midnight on Tuesday. However, the buyers and the smugglers could not agree on the price, causing the delay in delivery. The officers found the stash of rosewood before it was delivered.

-- NNT 2013-05-14 footer_n.gif

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The officer knew, that the smugglers and the buyers could not agree on a price. Interesting! How does he know? Did the smugglers added the share of the Military on top of the "regular" price? Did the buyer finally came to the conclusion, that with all the bribes he has to pay until the wood is in China, it is not worthwhile any more to smuggle rosewood? Riddles, riddles, riddles....

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What is this word "gotten" ????????????


Definition of gotten
  • past participle of get.

As past participles of get, got and gotten both date back to Middle English. The form gotten

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North American English, got and gotten are not identical in use. Gotten usually implies the process of obtaining something, as in he had gotten us tickets for the show, while got implies the state of possession or ownership, as in I haven’t got any money.

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