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Ubon Ratchathani News & Development

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Great news. Missing the Phuket route and I would say Ubon is pretty well connected within Thailand.


I suspect they are going through March 31st to test the waters first. It is easier to extend a contract than to cancel one. So probably some time down the road the will either renew / extend the contract ( assuming the route is successful ) or just let the contract run out.

Unfortunately they havent updated their website yet to reflect this route, but I saw somewhere that they are supposedly offering a 299 Baht promotional fare to Udon Thani....but I cant verify that just yet.

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The airport has metered taxis now. http://guideubon.com/news/view.php?t=44&s_id=17&d_id=16 Sent from my iPhone using ThaiVisa app

Any further and we will have to get a Lao visa to do our 90 day reports.

Heard in BKK they are now using BMW ‘pursuit cars’! Gawd knows what training the drivers get!!!! Sounds like a recipe for disaster, to me! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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Possibly Nok are hoping they can capture some of Air Asia's traffic from Ubon to Chiang Mai in addition to the straight up Eastern to Central Isaan traffic (with onward possibilities by coach/train to Vientianne). That's if Nok are still offering 4 flights a day from Udon to Chiang Mai quite cheaply (as they were when we used it around April time earlier this year). The service wasn't that busy back then and not easily scalable back down as I think the modern prop plane - 80 ish seats and perfectly comfortable - they were using was dedicated to the route.


An Ubon to UT (or KK) to CM stopping service always struck me as the most sensible cross-Thailand route (though I don't think there are any such stopper services elsewhere in the country. Perhaps Nok are looking to do that with their one prop plane coming onto Ubon on one of its journeys a day having stopped en route in UT?  


Conjecture on my part!

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The airline was Orient Thai Air. I flew on that flight Ubon-Udorn-Chiang Mai return in 1996. Nice flight. Yes, the plane was a little old. A 727.  Noisey and prone to accidents. 


Cross country flights do not do well in Thailand and usually do not last long. I remember Thai had a Ubon-Khon Kaen flight in the early 1980s. There was even a Khon Kaen - Udorn flight. That took 20 minutes. Up and down.


PBair flew Roi-et - Chiang Mai but that company closed down in 2009. 

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1 hour ago, Michael Hare said:

Looks good. The only thing that spoils the front is the KFC. I hope that goes in the final construction. KFC should be way out the back in the parking lot. I will speak to the owners about this. No doubt it will fall on deaf ears. 

I understand the concept of them getting something upfront that attracts people, but also agree, a KFC wouldnt be right, especially there already being a kfc at Tesco, Sunee and ubon square.

I think a burger king may do well here.

Krispy Kreme seems to be very popular among Thais....if they could get them inside the mall, that would be a good addition.

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Current info on getting a Thai drivers' licence in UBON:


Just got my Thai driver's license. Here is the current info (December 2017) for someone who does not have a driving license in the English language. I went to the Department of Land Transport (DLT) in Ubon Ratchathani (Ring road 231).

You need:
1. Your passport + copy of the first sheet + copy visa and stamp date of entering Thailand. A visa is apparently not necessary. I did not even have a visa, because this time I stay less than 30 days in Thailand.
2. Certificate of residence. Get this at the Tourist Police (Headquarters in Warin). Take your passport + copy, and also proof of your whereabouts, for example tabien job of your spouse + her ID card and copies.
3. Medical certificate. To be collected in a clinic. In my case, four doors next to the entrance of the DLT (80 Baht).
4. International driving license version 1949 + copy. Attention, Thailand does not accept version 1968.

After DLT has checked your documents on the third floor, four tests will follow:
1. Recognizing red, yellow and green.
2. A test in which you have to draw two rods with a cord on the same line (depth view, I suspect).
3. A reaction test: you have to brake when the light on the unit turns red.
4. To be able to recognize red, yellow and green on another device.

If you succeed, you have to watch a two hour video containing the traffic rules. Then you get your documents back. With that you go to the second floor, you pay 205 baht, they make a passport photo and then they make your driving license. That is valid for two years.



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9 hours ago, NiwPix said:

Would be nice to fly to the beach over the weekend without needing connecting flights.

If you just want a beach you can fly to Utapao from here on Air Asia. They have one flight a day.

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