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On Monday evening TV3 rang an item on Thai national news about the huge landfills going in and around Central. Apparently a lot of the soil is coming from land that the villagers are selling, in particular the land around Huai Charamae. However, the land does not belong to the villagers, it is government land. An investigation is under way.

I'd like to see them try to put it all back. rolleyes.gif


Excellent photo, particularly the aerial one showing clearly the huge fill. Puzzles me why there are those two small areas, one in the front and one behind the car park that are not filled up. Maybe the price was too high or maybe no proper land titles, or may be Central are developing a waterpark? I was informed along time ago that across the road from Central where some housing of the workers camp still remain, a waterpark swimming complex was going to be built. If so, an asset for the city.

Some questions above. Dreamrider I have no information about about Honda planning to built on the Warin side but they should. I feel sorry for those with Honda cars. The distance to travel and I am told the service is crap. Chev are starting their new service centre opposite the new Global House in addition to the one they are building north of Kham Yai on the Amnart road. So Warin now has Isuzu, Toyota, Nissan and soon Chev. For myself I would like Ford to built in Warin.

Regarding where the Mall is being built, my sources still say on the Yasothorn Road, on the left hand side just after the twin bridges at Huai Chaeramae. And the land on Chayangkun road opposite JD Pools is going to be some sort of housing estate. My good friend lives right next to the landfill and the dust and the trucks knocking out his internet and telephone lines is annoying him. So far in one week, 3BB have come out three times to fix the lines. If it was TOT they wouldn't even bother.

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The airport has metered taxis now. http://guideubon.com/news/view.php?t=44&s_id=17&d_id=16 Sent from my iPhone using ThaiVisa app

Any further and we will have to get a Lao visa to do our 90 day reports.

That is good news Bergen, thanks for the heads up. A friend sent me this story in the Australian mainstream press which made me chuckle in more ways then one. http://www.traveller.com.au/ubon-ratcha

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Here are the current rumors so far regarding land around Central. Sirimongkol Property says they will have more info available this month. I signed up to receive an email notification and a phone call when they start marketing but nothing has come yet.


Bangkok Hospital

Toyota Dealer

BMW Dealer

Nari International English School


Housing development


Another Sunee Hotel

Some other brand hotel

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The Air Asia after noon flight from Bangkok leaves at 1850 until July 31st.

I have tickets for that flight for the 31st and got SMS and email from them informing me of schedule change.

Unless Nok and Thai smile come down on their prices I will be flying AA all the time.

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I find that Nok with their no add ons like AA are almost the same price. Thai smile is great if you are flying with kids as the kids prices are a lot less.

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I find that Nok with their no add ons like AA are almost the same price. Thai smile is great if you are flying with kids as the kids prices are a lot less.

When I was shopping for my tickets back in March for flights next month the base price on AA was 690 baht and Nok was 1300 to 1400 baht. The only added fee was 120 baht for processing debit card charge when I bought the tickets from AA.

If you are checking luggage I could see the costs going up on Air Asia verses Nok.

Thai was about 2200 or more.

I can remember when Thai was the only choice before AA started flying here. AA has saved me a lot money over the years.

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I am only making trips to Bangkok (two of them to the embassy) and back on the same day so no luggage.

The snack and drink I can do without or pay for it with the difference in fares I paid.

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Klab Phruek Park Condo Ubon opened their sales office today. They will have 2 8-story buildings with a total of 374 units and a pool. Less than 2 minutes into my conversation with a salesman and they wanted to know if I was ready to reserve one. She seemed confused when I said I'd have to consider it and talk it over with the family first. I guess some people don't mind purchasing a condo without knowing anything about it first, including the price. They are anywhere between 1 and 2 million and the biggest unit is 40sqm, just as tiny as The Grand Condo next to Big C. Go around the corner and you can buy your own little house and yard for 2 million. To each his own I guess...

I have a map here and you can see their Facebook page here and web site here.


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Pretty expensive for 40 sq m. And that is the biggest!. My son bought a 55 sq m bedsitter with a balcony overlooking the condo swimming pool for 2.3 million baht in 2010. It is just behind the Four Seasons and St Regis hotels off Ratchadamri Road in probably one of the best areas in Bangkok. I have always believed Ubon prices to be far too high for what one can get.

For 2 milion baht in Ubon, I would prefer to buy a house and land. Plenty around.

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The biggest is 40m2? Why oh why can they not make the corner units on each floor double the size? Thanks for all your research ubonrthai - another one to cross off the list!

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