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Taste Of Water Namthip

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I like drinking water of Namthip brand. It is has distinct taste of something sweet.

I'm aware where is that taste comes from ? That water belongs to Coca Cola and I suppose they do some chemicals tricks to make it tasty.

Unfortunately there is no information on english.

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Namthip is Dasani ...tastes like crap. Volvic is best tasting in my mind. Some people favor the dryness of Evian.

Water Library in BKK (the original, Chamchuri Square) has 24 imported bottle water types to try.

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I like the way Namthip bottles crumple up and fit in my pocket. Gotta be the thinnest plastic out there.

For those places in Bangkok where trash cans are few and far between and the BIB are looking for litterers.

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I like the taste of the 6 baht 600 ml 'Cooly Fresh' water bottles from 7-11

Have you tried Namtap . Thats really cheap at about 4bht per 10,000 litres , tastes of local crap though !tongue.png

I know you meant it as a joke, but I think you mush have made a mistake somewhere in there. I haven't heard of anywhere you can get water at that price.


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