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3 Day Trip..looking For Islands To..

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visit. I loved my previous trip to Krabi, went on some island tours that were unforgettable! Saw a salvador monitor swimming long my kayak.. :o

Anyway, I am making another trip, just wondering what you favorite little islands are to visit on a tour.


an eager dude

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koh hong in the morning .. nice swimming .. great fish to snorkel with ....

skip the 4 island tour ... since you only go to 2 ... and on land at one (for lunch) (though that furthest out little island had great snorkelling

the other 2 islands .. koh gai (the chicken island with the funny rock face like a chicken head you just cruise by and the last one is a stop at Had raileh ...... a) not an island ... and :o you'll go there anyays

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The trip I did a few years back allowed us some snorkelling time at Chicken Island..

I went on a trip to some really stunning islands from Koh Samet - sorry cant remember the name of em now though, but they were trully beautifull

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a friend of mine runs www.krabi-island-tours.com and they do great trips around the area. they have a fishing boat that they use for camping trips on the local islands.

i highly recommend them.

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Come over to where I live. Koh Yao Noi. The beaches are not amazing but the opps to see wildlife are frequent - my friend caught a python eating his chickens 2 days ago!!!!!!!!

From Krabi at Talen Pier (take the little bus from Krabi Town outside 7/11) There are ferry boats at 11am and 1pm.

PM me if you need me to meet you or help with accomodation etc.


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