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Phuket Mob Violently Bounces Aussies From Kangaroo Bar

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I am Australian and I am not offended by anything at all. Ive heard it all...Bogan seems to be an accepted derogatory expression for any Australian male.

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They come in both sexes. THIS is a bogan in action on a Sydney bus.

(Warning: Contains racism and disturbing language)


I saw this video posted 8 times for a combined total of about 160,000 views. If I was the young Asian I'd take this to the police and have the bitch charged. She needs a lesson on behaviour. People like this should not be allowed unsupervised in public.

These females are cowards hiding behind their tits. If it was a guy hurling abuse like that someone would have gotten up and slammed him.

Tropo, you raise an interesting point. My Thai wife had to deal with racial abuse, perhaps 2/3 times a year in Oz. Sometimes on public transport, nearly always by white Australian women. Sorry to say she told me no one came to her defense.

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