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Chiang Mai Grand Canyon Where Is It (Or What Is It)

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Thai kids gave it a nick name "Chiang Mai Grand Canyon" Anyone know where this place is? May be it's been kept secret or something?

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People do swim there all the time, fishing I think also. There is a little beach area a lot of people use

There is a sign that says no swimming danger etc.

Just a few weeks ago there was a shack at the top but was just torn down.

There are some high cliffs and sometimes the kids jump from maybe 15- 20 meters.

It's definitely the below coordinates. I bicycle by it all the time on rides up into the mountains.

18°41'53.77" N 98°53'33.96" E

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If you travel south on Canal Road turn right after Master Piece Moo Baan then left on the next road you will find many places like this ... Hence we are all sitting on the dirt that came out of these canyons .... Further out that same road if you keep going the road forks to the left there is a large area they are excavating far bigger than what is shown here and I would guess much deeper .....

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Some locals think that place is haunted, a couple of bodys have been found floating there.

There is also a resturant that over looks the place, that not to bad.

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