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Sony Xperia Tablet Z

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Does anyone know if this is available in Thailand yet. I see it's on sale now in the UK form 399 GBP.

It seems to tick all the right boxes as an android tablet that can beat the ipad. I hope it's not overpriced as i wouldn't pay 20,000 + when i can get an ipad4 for 14,500.

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You should check out the Onda V972. Fantastic display (same as ipad) When i first bought mine I was a bit disappointed as I used to get freezing and pages would not scroll... but Onda just released new software... Andriod 4.2.2 and now its made so much difference. Now works perfect. Only 7900 baht.for the 10 inch screen.You can buy them in Bangkok

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The Sony store in Paragon shopping said two more weeks when I spoke with them today... that is exactly what I was told last month.

Hope they get their shit together since I am ready to get wet with one in my pool!



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