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Married Foreign Husbands Wife Living With Thai Husband

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I know it goes on but just how widespread is it.

In my wifes village there are two foreign gentlemen that visit around 2-3 months a year. When they come the thai husband simply moves into a relatives house for the duration.

Now both have built nice houses for the wife, and i suspect financially provide very well also.

The wifes village is quite small say around 50 families spread around, so just how prevailent is this and in thai society is it frowned upon by the decent thais.

While i know its all about face, just how does the thai man keep face when the other husband is in town.

Its a funny old world but honestly how can some people be so stupid .

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Its a bizarre idea , the one of keeping face.

Take for instance my wife , who nagged me for years that she didnt have a car for the familly to use.

Fair enough i said you finance it , get yourself one. So as a true thai she got a pick up for 22k even though no one in the familly could drive.

She told me the reason for this was her fathers sister had talked shit about him for years about his daughter having a foreign husband and no car.

No he has the car the sister still talks shit saying well he has the car but he doesnt have a big house. Got to hand it to them priceless.

I find the poorer the thai people are , the happier they are lesson to be learnt there somewhere.

PS Im driving round in a 3k van in my own country . Funny old world.

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What's the point in being married if you're only going to see your spouse 2-3 months a year?

That said, I do know some married couples here in the U.S. where one party wishes this was the case.

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