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Canadian Man Weds Roi Et Woman, Offers Dowry Worth Bt100 Million

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Canadian man weds Roi Et woman, offers dowry worth THB100 million
By Coconuts Bangkok


ROI ET: Residents are celebrating a story of Cinderella-like proportions: a wealthy Canadian man has married a Roi Et woman who was born to a farmer family, and provided her with a handsome dowry to boot.

Glen Redekop, a 54-year-old executive at Chevron Thailand and the owner of a petroleum company in Ireland, was in a relationship with Sunantha Singhathawat, 37, for nine years before making his marriage proposal.

Redekop and Sunantha met in a Bangkok restaurant where Sunantha was working as a waitress. After agreeing to see each other, Redekop asked Sunantha to stop her waiting job and focus her attention on her education.

With Redekop’s funding, Sunantha has spent the past nine years pursuing bachelor and master degrees. She is now at work on a PhD.

Full story: http://bangkok.coconuts.co/2013/06/03/canadian-man-weds-roi-et-woman-offers-dowry-worth-thb100-million

-- Coconuts Bangkok 2013-2013-06-03

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Obviously well matched and after so many years,why not? happy for her and happy for him, i am sure he is prepared to lose it, if it came to that! good luck.

Loose it?

I guess it will all be booked as expenses, business loss, investments gone wrong, whatever.

Anyway, I wish them all kinds of happiness, luck, good fortune (?), health, and prosperity.

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