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Canadian Man Weds Roi Et Woman, Offers Dowry Worth Bt100 Million

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I don't think I'll be telling my wife about this story.

I think your mrs would really enjoy it and laugh for a week. laugh.png

PS. The same as the extended family are. whistling.gif

And search out relatives in Roi et.

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Boy oh boy.....If he only knew what he really has done.....I wonder if he would still do it...I vehemently agree with Cardholder...."Just say "NO!!!!" I almost got caught in this web of deceit and treachery but I managed to extricate myself with the help of a 78 year old Thai woman who understood what I was mixed up with and was good enough to advise me on what to do. This is about mutual respect of each other's culture and as such both parties must be 100% upfront and honest. I wish him and her well but he has definitely set a bad example for the farang community.

You paid sin sot for a 78yo woman ?

I admit I skipped through it, so if I missed anything...my bad

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Redekop and Sunantha met in a Bangkok restaurant where Sunantha was working as a waitress.

Any chance it was the " No Hands " restaurant she was working ?

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