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Bangkok Administration buys larvicidal sand to tackle dengue threat

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BMA buys larvicidal sand to tackle dengue threat
Tanatpong Kongsai
The Nation


BANGKOK: -- Bangkok Governor MR Sukhumbhand Paribatra yesterday revealed that the city had ordered 200,000 bags of larvicidal sand in a bid to prevent an outbreak of dengue fever.

With health officials expecting a record 100,000 cases nationwide this year, he urged all officials to take the matter seriously because Bangkok is home to construction sites with flooded craters that could act as mosquito breeding grounds.

Sukhumbhand thanked the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA)’s Heath Office and Medical Service Office, as well as district offices for their anti-dengue fever measures.

He instructed BMA clerk Ninnart Chalitanon and her deputies to have district offices proceed with measures to tackle the threat, and told drainage, sewage and health officials to eradicate mosquito breeding grounds, including still-water canals.

Sukhumbhand explained that the shortage of larvicidal abate sand resulted from the fact that the city had to buy it from the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation. The BMA would receive half of the 200,000-bag order on July 10, he said.

-- The Nation 2013-06-25

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