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Price for one Baht gold necklace?

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If there is one thing that a Thai woman knows about , it is the current price of gold. For a prospective purchaser to be quoted 5000 baht more that the current price arouses suspicion. Check further. I don't know how many gold shops there are in Prakhonchai but in Bankraud (a smaller town 20km south) there are currently four gold shops. I hope it is a mistake and there is no skulduggery going on. Unfortunately ripping off the falang does occur, hence the sceptics on this forum.

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Scam ditch her.

I think you need to investigate this situation further. It could be a misunderstanding, it could be that you believe pigs can fly or this could be a timely indication of bigger things to come.

Choose wisely your next move.

Some people really should follow their own advice.

Everyone comes on here straight away and [email protected]#gs of a Thai woman.

There has been so little info offered that it is impossible to reach such verdicts.

It is quite possible that the chain is over one baht in weight. The lady in question may have picked it out and simply asked "How much is this one?" Has she also chosen an amulet to go with it?

It is also possible that the gold shop is taking the [email protected]#s. Something like "poor farmer woman, lets rip her off. She knows nothing about gold anyway".

My advice to the OP would be this. Mention to your wife that the price seems a bit high. Ask her to go to another gold shop and enquire. Then lets see what happens.

I am glad we are in agreement that something needs checking but I do not understand your comment about some people needing to follow their own advice?

What do you mean exactly (for the benefit of those without crystal balls)?

A quick check of posting history can find a lot out about people. Even those who have changed their IDs.

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I bought a 1 baht gold necklace on June 23rd for 20,000 Baht in Korat. The price of gold has since dropped, so 24,000 Baht seems high to me.

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I bought a 1 baht gold necklace on June 23rd for 20,000 Baht in Korat. The price of gold has since dropped, so 24,000 Baht seems high to me.

On June 23 the jewellery gold price was over 19,000 workmanship is often over 500 Baht per Baht weight so the price is probably correct. Today the jewellery gold price is 18,900 so a normal 1 baht necklace should be under 20,000
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Easy one, and already answered by previous posts. You asked her to price a necklace, she said the one she wants is BT24,000. You figure it's one baht, excellent chance it's more than that, or she's asking for more than what one baht costs.

Every Thai woman knows the exact price of gold and gold jewelry.

No mistakes here, other than you not knowing what she is pricing.

Good luck with it


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Thanks for the replies!

I am well aware of the many scams in Thailand (TIT!), unfortunately I am not around currently to provide my battle hardened assistance (having lived there on and off many years).

My wife is shy and avoids confrontation, has the appearance of a "Lady Farang", and this is easily picked up on by unscrupulous fellow country folk wanting to make a fast buck.

I phoned and told the wife to try "selling" a Baht of gold to find out the real price of gold, and then ask the "buying" price.

All of a sudden the buying price came down to around 19900 which includes the "work" needed (for some reason the work needed now costs more than 1000 baht whereas before the price drop it was 600 baht).

It still seems a tad excessive, I have read that the current price is 18800 for gold ornaments, but is that more of a wholesale price in places like Bangkok?

Maybe one can get a better price in a larger town.


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Glad you sorted that out. Doubt very much whether you'll get it any cheaper in BKK buying such a small amount. The increase manufacturing charge is undoubtedly to make up for the gold price drop, remember the wholesalers have to pay current world prices. and if they've purchased when it was high they have to try and cover the shortfall. You could try to bargain but I very much doubt you'll have any luck with a hardened Chinese gold shop owner.

Pay the extra 4 or 5 hundred baht. It's her birthday!

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