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Horror crash: Three killed, five injured in Nakhon Ratchasima's Sung Noen district

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Very sad indeed, an unnecessary loss of 3 young lives with the world in front of them...RIP

I have been driving for 45 years in cars, and 18 wheel trucks on Interstate highways in Australia.

Personally I try to be defensive when driving my Toyota Vigo in the province of Udon Thani, and keep my 3 mirrows adjusted, for upcoming traffic. Also I keep an eye out for these mini vans, the drivers seem to not give a shit about their lives, or other people lives.

I recently returned to Udon from Sakon Nakhon. It was my first experience at long distance night time driving. I drove past 2 very nasty accidents involving cars / small trucks. I would hazard a guess there may of been a least one fatality looking at the state of the vehicles involved. It was only 2 kilometres on from these accidents that the idiots were at it again, that is overtaking on bends, crests, etc. without a care in the world for the theirs or others safety. Outcome of this is I simply refuse to drive at night time.

Cheers Harpo

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