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Storable Good for Survival

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forget about grains, canned food etc. how about one that could last a long time, doesnt require cooking, cheap and more importantly protein packed and calories dense and save storage spaces? a room packed will these will provide your for decades

For years now, I have wished someone would come up with (Purina) People Chow.

Something like energy bars are supposed to be, but without the sugar and with a lot more protein. For me, the stuff wouldn't even have to taste good- bland and tasteless would be fine as long as it met nutritional needs. And the kibble form factor would be ideal, so portions can be customized according to need.

I read decades ago that a meal of rice and beans will meet pretty much all of a human's nutritional needs. I don't know whether that's true or not, but they seem to last forever if stored properly and they're pretty compact relative to what you actually eat when they're hydrated and cooked.

If I were to be a survivalist, that's where I'd start. Right after my ammo and antibiotics.

And if the poop hits the fan, I'd do whatever I could to find my way out of Asia as my first priority.

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Plenty of rice, lasts forever if stored dry and free of creatures.

Same for flour. Canned goods can also last 10-20 years if kept rust free.

Fill up some of those large plastic tubs/barrels/dustbins with rice in sealed plastic bags, then tape the tub and put somewhere dark and dry..

Thailand is one of the few countries that could survive global catastrophe, relatively unchanged.

Food is grown locally using primitive farming methods, lack of petrol, not a problem.

I suppose if you live where there's ample fire wood and water that'll work for awhile (until people without your planning skills decide to liberate your stockpile of rice), but if civilization as we know it evaporates, those of us in urban areas will probably discover that a watched pot never boils when there's no electricity. Actually that tends to happen when a non-apocalyptic rain shower happens anyway.

Uncooked rice. Yum.

You could store a few gas cylinders, only 300bht for 16Kg and lasts 3 months.

So 40 cylinders would last 10 years and cost 12,000bht.

Not so hard to store hidden away.

Most Thais use gas or wood for cooking.

The 300 baht is to refill or exchange a cylinder for one that you have. New filled cylinders are 2000+ baht each, so that's 80000 baht for 40 cylinders not 12000. Upcountry most Thais use homemade charcoal for cooking.

who in their right mind would store 40 cylinders in a residence people are living in ?....blink.png

I am not an HSE Nazi....but come on not the smartest thing to do....if that lot goes up the last thing you will be worried about is survival food...whistling.gif

Typically if things went t*t's I would be more worried about fresh/clean water to drink....food wise you can survive "comfortably" for about two weeks without eating, but only a couple of days without drinkable water, one suspects based on the size around the girth of some of the farangs I have seen in Thailand, suspect they would be good for 6 months before needing a meal

remembering my survival courses.... priorities - breathable air, drinkable water and in distant 3rd place...food....you would suprised how little solid food a human being can survive on....for example one could live for a month on 1kg of dried beef for example

Took my tinfoil hat off now..biggrin.png

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