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14 hours ago, Golden Triangle said:

I have travelled extensively on SRT and always enjoy the thrill and excitement of riding 3rd class, sitting on the steps of the open doorways, always handy as I was a smoker back then, standing at the back of the train with just a piece of chain between you and the track , and of course the squat toilet :smile: I can't use one in normal circumstances let alone on a moving train :giggle: Unfortunately I seem to have mislaid some of my old photo files, they maybe on an old machine, I will investigate.


I have also been fortunate enough to travel at the other end of the spectrum, the Eastern and Oriental Express from Singapore to Bangkok, I hope you will enjoy this set of pics from earlier this year.


Leaving Woodlands, Singapore.


Over the causeway into Malaysia.ODSC01139.JPG

Our cabin.DSC01144.JPG


Afternoon Tea.DSC01146.JPG

A very expensive bottle of Aussie wine, very nice, but $55 !!DSC01151.JPG

The Library. You can also get a foot massage here.DSC01164.JPG

One of the restaurant cars.DSC01165.JPG

The other one :)DSC01166.JPG

Only enough room for one person, impossible to pass.DSC01167.JPG

The Piano bar.DSC01171.JPG

A G n T for me, a Mocktail for the Mrs.DSC01176.JPG

Compact & Bijou en suite bathroom/showerDSC01181.JPG

The train is about 1/2 a kilometre long.DSC01186.JPG

The observation car bar.DSC01190.JPG

The adorable hostesses, their costumes change along the way, Singaporean, Malaysian and Thai.DSC01191.JPG

Afternoon Tea.DSC01193.JPG


From the observation car.DSC01201.JPG



We stopped at Hua Hin for a while, all of a sudden hoardes of Chinese tourist thought that they could come aboard, the staff quickly kicked them off.DSC01214.JPG


The New Main station being built in Bangkok.DSC01232.JPG

Thank you for sharing Golden Triangle, nice shots.

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During a trip from Ayutthaya to Bangkok I met this chap, he only latched onto me because I was sitting on the steps having a smoke - roll ups, he cadged a few from me along the way, I don't think he had a ticket because as the train slowed on the approach to BKK he hopped off. :smile:


The rest are just general views of a toilet :biggrin: And life along the trackside.


I hope you enjoy them.







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Phitsanulok Station, we had the local tour bus to ourselves ie I paid for it to go :giggle: I wasn't gonna hang around for another 20 passengers, so only got these 3 shots as we made our merry way around town LOL 


My knees aren't what they used to be unfortunately, so I cannot do extended periods of walking, which is a shame as I miss so much :sad:




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The new sleeping cars ; lign Bangkok - Nong Khai ( photos shot august 18 year 2017 )

nice and beautiful..but for how long ?

Ah! Never buy the upper bed, the light is never  shut during the night and if you are as tall as I am or taller ( 193 cm or more ) difficult to have a good sleep;

the beds are 180/185 cm long





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