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American man killed in Krabi - son severely injured

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American killed in Krabi for persistent singing

KRABI: -- Police have arrested three pub musicians who reportedly killed an American man and severely injured his son after the two men sang with them but then refused to get off the stage at a bar in Krabi’s Muang district early on Wednesday morning.

Bobby Carter, 51, was stabbed to death in the stomach while his son, Adam Carter, 27, was badly beaten up. The injured son and the father's body were taken to the Bangkok Hospital Phuket.

Ratikorn Romin, 27, Sathit Somsa, 40, and Nopanan Yoddecha, 26, were arrested at the bar, the Longhorn Saloon. Police also seized a homemade rifle from Mr Sathit, according to Pol Col Boonthavee Tohraksa, deputy superintendent of Krabi police station.

A report in Thai Rath said the band members confessed that Carter and his family came to the pub, and that he and his son had joined them on stage.

The band then had an argument with the Americans, because the pair apparently refused to stop singing when their time was up, and also knocked the group’s tip box to the floor.

The musicians said they left the stage and went outside the bar. A quarrel then broke out when the American family was leaving the bar.

Mr Ratikorn told police that he was knocked to the ground and could not breathe because one of the Americans was grappling with him. He spotted a metal object nearby and used it as a weapon.

The suspects added that they did not start the fight and that they had no intention to kill.

Police took the men into custody at Krabi police station.

-- Phuket News 2013-07-31

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This type of ridiculously insane situation seems to happen with more and more frequency. And are we just hearing about a fraction of the violent crime committed here?

Perhaps embassies and passport issuing offices need to make clear and serious warnings to people traveling to Thailand (and other countries with a similar problem) about being extremely careful how they interact with the locals, especially if they are off the usual beaten track. One would think that enough common sense would prevail (even though western governments are dumbing down their citizens) for people to keep a fairly clear mind (i.e. Don't get falling-down drunk.) and get out of a situation that seems dicey, but I guess not.

I suspect in this case the unwanted singers were possibly impaired too much by alcohol to realize just how much the aggravation level of the band had risen and the dangerous position they were in. (Pure speculation, I realize, but to not heed the wishes (one can assume strongly) expressed by the band would indicate that their judgement was screwed up.)

It's often hard to find sympathy for anybody in these situations, but I certainly agree that unless the Thais felt physically threatened (which one claims was the case when his breathing was restricted) their actions were not appropriate.

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