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Thailand and the Vietnam War

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It looks like we have tacit approval to run history topics in this forum. Many members of Thaivisa will have first visited Thailand as part of the war effort for the Vietnam War. If you would like to share your experiences here there are many members that are interested.

This topic is about people's personal experiences, not about governmental decisions and the wisdom of the War.

Most people who fought in that War are now kicking on to be 70 years of age, I and many others want to hear their stories about how they came to be in Thailand and how what they remember of Thailand in the 60's and 70's.

Over to you gents. wai.gif

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OK, good topic.

Here's a photo I took of Camp Friendship at Korat before the <deleted>' USAF moved in and occupied all that vacant land between CF and the runway. The entire US military airpower at Korat then was two Army L-20 Beavers, then the F-105s moved in and things got noisy and real busy.



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whistling.gif Got to admit I never went to Thailand until later after the Vietnam war was over.

However, my first tour in Vietnam I was in a U.S. Army communications site at a place called Vung Tau in Vietnam.

We had a Troposcatter Rradio shot to a place called Green Hill near Sattahip in Thailand.

I didn't work in the tropo van, but with the local microwave link to Saigon.

But I do know there were U.S. Army communicators stationed in Thailand near Sattahip in 1966, and probably sooner than that (1963 I'll guess).

By the way, I met some Thai Army soldiers later who were stationed in Vietnam in the late 1960's.


P.S. I am nearly 67 now (referring to your comment about age of those who were in Vietnam or Thailand).

First went to Vietnam in July 1966, not yet 20 years old then.

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theblether: Thanks for the link. I first came to Thailand on a thirty-day leave in 1967 after extending in Vietnam following a year of service with the 25th Inf. Division at Cu Chi. I clearly remember that Pat Pong was just a couple of bars along a street and they were deserted most of the time. How times have changed! The number of businesses along Phetburi Road was very small. The only English book store in town was in the arcade of the Erawan Hotel. It's still there by the way. In language school I had studied Thai before I studied Vietnamese so I was very happy to finally be able to use the language. For those TVers who remember 1967, bargaining for a decent taxi fare was really a struggle, wasn't it. You had to find out what the customary fare was to where you wanted to go and even then you could get overcharged.

I look forward to a lot of great conversations on this blog!

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As I recall Patpong was about three bars and upstairs late nightclub in those days - Max's Place, Gaslight and Thai style dark bar starting with "R" (there were others in other areas with same name). Not exactly wild as the other buildings were airline offices for the most part. Recall Red Door as one of the original restaurants. Gaysorn was another popular area.

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