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I have been in Chiang rai for a long time now and after reading this page for years I thought I would join in and ask a few questions of what people really think?

Why when you go out for a beer and a bit of food do you get moan after moan from xpats who have a fantastic life compared to people living on the bread line in US, UK Aus, and many places world wide.. Example.

It is too hot, too cold, the foods not western enough, the beers not as good as back home, the traffic is too busy, Chiang rai is not what it was, the bars are empty, no night life, nothing to do, I hate him over there and her over there, the Thai people are cheats, they just don't understand what I want(after 15 small beers), quality of everything I buy is not as good as back home, It is just so boring and horrible to here this not all the time but you get it 1 or 2 times a week off people who have been here YEARS, Please go home and stop moaning on and on about a place where you live and most of us LOVE... Rant over...

Thats nothing

u want here some on a forum called thaivisa,they are incredible,so funny too

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I think some people over react to people on here WISHING things were different or better. Nothing wrong with that as I see it. I have a number of things I have on that list but it does not mean I am not quite content with the overall situation. Quite different from complaining or whining. I think writing it in a forum amplifies the meaning somewhat. Not that there are not a few sourpusses on here occasionally.

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Have you ever tried asking your wife

"Why do they do it that way?"

Why did they put the road there/here/?

Etc etc

There is often no rhyme or reason.

Being intellectually curious and being bemused as to why, leads to moaning.

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I've stopped trying to convert the moaners and whingers whether on TV or face to face.

If I come across somebody new who wants to bend my ear and start listing the 47,000 things they see wrong with Thailand/Thais/home/life/wife/beer/infrastructure/politics, ad infinitum, I vote with my feet and tell them I have to be somewhere else.

Unless they're buying the beer......but even then it's just too depressing for words!whistling.gif

The worse ones are those that forget that many of the Thai people within earshot can understand what they're saying, and don't even try and be discreet in their criticism. Often I can see that the Thais can understand what's being said, and believe me, they don't like it and will talk to each other about what the Falang is saying.

It's bad enough in a bar or restaurant - the staff have been exposed to it and are more tolerant. But to see the reactions from ordinary Thais at the golf course or somewhere like that - they are clearly unimpressed and any negative stereotypes they may have of Europeans living in Thailand are just reinforced.

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