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Hat Yai

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Malaysia to tighten border security

(BangkokPost.com from foreign reports)

The Malaysian government will tighten security at the Thai border from Jan 1, the media in Malaysia reported today.

Deputy Internal Security Minister Mohd Johari said starting next year, Thai citizens would have to produce travel documents and ensure that their vehicles met the rules and regulations set by the ministry before entering Malaysia.

He said the government now allowed vehicles from Thailand to travel up to two kilometres from the border to facilitate trade between the two countries.

“However, there are those who have misused this privilege and have entered further into Malaysia,” he said.

Under the new regulations, Mohd Johari said, the Road and Transport Department would enforce all rules to ensure that no Thai vehicles travelled beyond two kilometres.

He said those who wanted to travel more than that distance would need the International Circulation Permit.

“We have also banned motorcycles from coming into the country,” he said.

Mohd Johari said the tightening of security came in the wake of the Dec 2 incident where an officer from the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry was beaten up by a group of men suspected to be Thai diesel smugglers at a border crossing point.

He said the new ruling was a worked out at a wide meeting of officials from the Prime Minister's Department' of National Security and other ministries including defence, customs, immigration and fisheries.

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The muslim separatists have been fighting for independence for many many

years. It is an open secret that the muslim countries are very sympathetic

towards their cause. The southerners are muslims and of the Malay race,

just like the muslim Malays in Malaysia. The Malays (the dominant race)

in Malaysia has close historical, cultural, religious, and family ties with

the Southerners, who are also Malays and most importantly, muslims

and they speak the same language.

Bangkok has from time to time accuses Malaysia for giving shelter to

the separatists, which Malaysia vehemently denied.

The southerners being muslims are alien to the culture, customs, practices, and

beliefs of the Thais who are Buddhists. About 96% of Thailand are Buddhists.

The southerners would very much like to implement Islamic laws and use

Malay as their official language. Deep in their hearts, they are fighting for

a cause. There is no easy solution to these problems.

There must be a mistake. The southerners (Muslims) in Thailand do not speak Malay or have rather limited vocabulary of Malay. I have tried speaking to them in Malay and most could not understand what I was saying -- apart from those who stay right at the border of Malaysian immigration and have dealings with everyday Malaysians.

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I must admit since my last post here things have deteriorated somewhat, I still go there alot and even take my kids but I would say I am much more careful and keep my eyes open for anything suspicious. The bombings do seem to be more frequent. I wouldnt let it stop me from travelling there though.

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I don't know if i can do this, but i just send the same post in the other topic dealing with Hat Yai.

I just want to let the people know that Hat Yai is a great city with nice people (Thais and western) and you can have a lot of fun there...

I live in Hat Yai since over a year. I enjoy this area as it is still quiet and not too much western crowded as Pathaya is. What i mean is that it is not the same style, and it is true that for western people you can visit Hat Yai in 1 day 1/2.

The interesting thing is to rent a car (Budget has very cheap prices there) and go around with someone who knows the places.

If you go to Satun, you'll find better waterfalls then the one indicated in Lonely planet overcrowded with locals. i used to make a BBQ with friends there, and you can even find kind of pools under the water fall like in the french west indies.

On the way to Pattani from Songkhla, there are untouched beaches.

You can go to Pathalung rent a bicycle to a 1 day trip in the rubber trees.

The Songkhla lake has some very nice sea food restaurants.

On the Ko Yoh island, you will find a very nice museum (i never new that not less than 70 year ago there used to be Black people... African...! living in Songkhla province... amazing... ok i am still the only french-egyptian there :o ).

You can make a boat trip on the lake to visit the fish farms.

You can go around to Satun and have a look to the shrimp farms (i work in this business).

50 km south of Songkhla you can book a sport fishing boat (the real one and not in wood) and go on Grouper, snapper, thuna or other kinds of fishes fishing (not the small fish sizes...)

There is so much you can do there, but you need a car as many things are between 30 min and 1h30 min drive. You can easily stay there 1 week. the only thing is to know someone who can take you arround.

Exept this, if you live in Hat Yai you can play football and even RUGBY...

For the amateurs there are 2 or 3 4x4 off road teams,

Fitness centers and swimmipools everywhere,

BBQ's on Samila beach,

Dinning at Swanns,

Cheap and very good Buffet at Novotel...

there is really a lot to do, I enjoy this place...

hello Amir,

nice to hear you are enjoying Hatyai... would be really interesting to visit your shrimp farm... was thinking to start something like that (dont worry, i only have a fishfarm, tilipia, and my farm is actually in Philippines; so no competition for you :D ). what i am saying is it would be interesting to meet up with you. kind regards

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quoted............" ok i am still the only french-egyptian there :o ).


Hello! Mr. french-egyptian.

I'm surprised that you didn't mention about natural pools in your country-Egypt, there are some nice, beautiful tile swiming pool built around the natural springs in Siwa Oasis. The water is so crystal clear you can see all the way down to the bottom (the local said some as deep as 180 ft.).

My faverite one is a swimming pool which they laided mossic tiles around this cold springs which situates near the huge lake. This lake is right in the middle of Sahara desert. It provides an amazing sunset scene. One of unforgetable moment.

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I always liked Hat Yai. Usually stayed a night each way on Penang visa runs. Usually stayed at the King's hotel. Nice Thai diner across the road and if you hang a left from the hotel and walk down a few blocks to a shabby hotel, there is a great Chinese restaurant that does the best homemade gyoza dumplings. Nice people there, and if you go every few months, they always remember you.

Shopping was pretty boring tho.

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Currently we're having a 10-50% discount in various areas including Had Yai's major shopping complex, you might want to check here again though.

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