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German expat mugged by Phuket teen gang

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German expat mugged by Phuket teen gang
Jody Houton

Peter Hellmuth ended up with bruises and abrasions, including one on his shoulder and another over his right eye.

PHUKET: -- A 56-year-old German man, Peter Hellmuth, was kicked off his motorbike in the early hours of this morning (August 19) and mugged by a gang of seven Thai teenagers as he was driving to his Nai Harn home.

Mr Hellmuth, who has been in Phuket for 10 months, told The Phuket News that it was a bad ending to what would have otherwise been a pleasant night.

“I had been at the opening of a new bar in Chalong, and left there at about 2am to drive home. I stopped at Supercheap at the corner of Soi Khokyang in Nai Harn to buy a carton of cigarettes. I bought them and headed home through Soi Khokyang, which is a very quiet shortcut home that many [locally-based] people use.”

He was followed. “I saw three boys on a bike but I thought nothing of it. I began driving home and they drove past me a few times and slowed down [to let me pass]. Then, when I slowed down on a speed bump, they kicked me off the bike.”

Still very shaken, Mr Hellmuth says he cannot remember with any degree of clarity what happened next, but he does know that his carton of cigarettes and mobile phone were stolen.

“They demanded money, but I answered ‘Mai mee satang’

“One of them got out a small machete and asked again, I repeated that I didn’t have any money. I had only B40 in my wallet [but in any case] they didn’t check my rear pocket, which is where I keep it.

“Then four more boys came, two each on a bike. They were aged between 17-19 years old and the leader of the gang had strange spiky hair.”

Mr Hellmuth has abrasions on his shoulder, forearm and eyebrow, and – as he was wearing a helmet and there were no rips in his clothes – he believes that he must have been beaten, though he cannot recall.

After the boys had taken Mr Hellmuth’s possessions they drove off and he managed to get home.

Mr Hellmuth shares a house with fellow German Christoph Huber, who himself had a disturbing encounter about six weeks ago with a street gang in Nai Harn.

He stopped to put fuel in his motorbike at a coin-operated pump, he recalls. “Some boys drove past, then stopped, and one of them pulled out a gun – I don’t know if it was real or not – then they just drove off.”

Mr Huber believes that teenage gangs mugging lone people has become quite a common occurrence in Nai Harn.

“A few weeks ago a bar owner near here was also kicked off his bike and mugged, and probably the same gang of kids did it. I think they go out looking for drunk old men to target.”

Like Mr Huber and the bar owner, Mr Hellmuth has decided not to go to the police.

“They’ll just get bailed the next day and nothing happens anyway.”

Instead he has resolved never to use Soi Khokyang again. In the future stick he will stick to the main roads.

Source: http://www.thephuketnews.com/german-expat-mugged-by-phuket-teen-gang-41473.php

-- Phuket News 2013-08-19

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Is the seemingly disproportionate amount of violence reported against foreigners in Phuket compared to Bangkok a function of the policy of the Phuket News and the lack of interest in these mugging stories by The Nation or a real difference in violence against foreigners in Phuket vs. Bangkok? Any thoughts?

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He definitely does not look like the nicest one to have as neighbor, often something has happend before the main incident, lived on Phuket for a year almost twenty years ago, for a year, never had a problem. but the people over there have different understanding of humor and their attitudes are not the same like in the Isaan have to be taken with care. As I have been working in the security business, I can only say he lost his awareness or better said he was aware but did listen to the signs most victims who survived an assault will tell, "I have had that strange feeling etc. why are they not listening to their instincts, everyone should know in our times, the war starts after leaving your home everyday.

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I saw something very similar Saturday night. On beach road turning up to Nai Harn... 3 motorbikes, 2 boys on 2, and 3 boys on 1 bike looking up to no good at all. They passed me as I waited to turn up the hill. Then they pulled over down the road. I saw it and full throttled my PCX up and didn't see them again. First time I had seen something like this....got me a little nervous.

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