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BANGKOK 21 April 2019 03:10
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Brack smoking

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You registered two different handles to post this?????

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Let the mostly people smoke but i don't know why. If every individual person eat healthy (url link deleted by moderator) and make a good health. Avoid to smoke here Because smoking is very bad habbit. it's gain a cansor.

See above. Dont think anything that contains artificial additives can be considered healthy.

And as for smoking well its a free world and those ppl who wish to smoke let them smoke. Its great for the economy lots of lovely tax on cigarettes.

Fact number 1:

Smoking does not cause cancers. However there is overwhelming proof it can increase the risk of the all ready present cells in your body to become agitated and agressive. Thus triggering more and more malignant cells to divide and multiple without chance of there destruction through your normal immune system.

Fact number 2

Smoking will supress your bodies immune system.

Fact number 3

Smoking is not a cause of death. You will find no death certificates with the words "COD: Smoking.

Fact number 4

All of the worlds oldest ppl I.e. those 100 years and above have all smoked and drank in moderation and have gone on to live a long long life. Oldest I beleave is/was 116 years.

Fact number 5

Cancers that are agrevated by smoking, the main ones being lung and throat are in fact in the minority of all cancers that form. Cancers in the lungs that agrevated by smoking start on the inside of the lungs only. However there are more cancers diagnosised where the cancers are on the outside of the lungs these are normally a tributed to industrial affects.

Fact number 6

Skin cancer is way way up on the list than lung cancer. Most cause of this being triggered is from industrial products and the sun.

Summary: True smoking can increase the risks of you contracting a nasty aggressive cancer. But then alot of things in the world can too.

Long exposure to the sun.

Breathing car bus and truck fumes.

Chemical products ie cleaning agents

Aircon in the home if not maintained

Cement and concrete dust in the air from all the construction.

Spray painting in fact all painting can the harmful.

Garage mechanic playing in old engine oil all day.

The cook smelling lpg and burnt palm oil everyday. And on and on.......

One last thing for asia ppl. Hidding yourselves from the sun in the way only asian do mainly for vanity and scare of cancer is probably doing yourself more harm than good. One of the only true sources of vitamin D is from the sun. Are bodies need this or we will die.

Covering yourself and hiding in your darken aircon rooms from 6am till 6.30pm everyday has a dire effect on your health can surpresses the bodies natrual way of protecting you from the sun. If this continues from generation to generation asian city dwellers will no longer be able to go out side without forming skin cancers because there body will have no record of how to do this. Also no sun = depression and sudden mood changes.

Ok I think thats enough for now.

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Sorry for such a long post up there but as I say a little education is very dangerous.

So the world informs us of the dangers if smoking and harmfull sun rays. But ut never educates us on all the other billion things in the world.

Dont even gete started on diet drinks and

Aspartame. I bet they dont teach that one in schools here????

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