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What Do You Dislike About Chiang Mai.

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Agree totally about the drivers. How about some PARKING in Chiang Mai. I have a pick up truck (also motorcycle) and some destinations are absolutley impossible to find a place to park the truck.

If some buildings were torn down and legitimate parking lots made, enforce removing some of the on street parking, the traffic situation would be better. BUT then again we would get into the issue of the police having to do their job. Catch 22.

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Not to get on the bad side of the septics, I think that public transportation is KEY to improve Chiang Mai, as well as Bangkok.

Rich folks here cannot seem to limit their needs. If they have the cash to buy six cars (one for each family member, and one for the dog too), they will.

The city is not built to have as many cars as are currently here. We all know the numbers of cars will increase with time too, because people tend to always 'shit where the elephant shits' (keeping up with the Joneses) as they put it themselves.

If good public transportation was introduced, some of the congestion problems might be solved, and the air would be cleaner.

Do you know that according to statistics from a recent meeting regarding pollution at Chiang Mai University - CM was declared to have the HIGHEST death rate of respiratory diseases, including lung cancer, in the whole country. (Source Chiang Mai Mail). Not to say that the cars are the major culprits, but it would be nice to get into a Rot Daeng without having to scratch your eyes every five minutes because of the air.

I will probably get a lot of "not as bad as Bangkok", and I agree that Bangkok feels worse, but I think this may be due to the heat.

Also, I wonder about what environmental protection those microchip factories in Lamphun employ...

That said, I do love this town.

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just moved here from jontiem.

have been in pattaya , bangkok, hua hin , ko samui, phuket ect...

Worst place list to live in thailand ...

1. Bangkok

2. Pattaya


4. phuket

5. chiang mai

6. hua hin

7. ko samui.

for me it just looks like normal thailand, people are a lot more friendly then bangkok or pattaya, weather is somewhat better, traffic is the same, No beach unfortunatley and everything is a little more expensive (things that have to come from the coast) like gasoline, seafood ect.

For now i like it a lot...


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Secondly; as an employer, I have yet to have a good experience employing Khon Muang. As a rule, the locals I have employed are lazy, selfish and frequently dishonest. Most of my long term staff are from the South, Central region or Esarn.

I have two businesses in the suburbs of Chiang Mai and all my employees, except one, have lived in Chiang Mai all of their lives.

They are some of the most honest, hardworking people that I have seen anywhere, without exception.

I knew the manager slightly for many years and was very impressed by her work ethic. I let her hire all her friends (she had worked for another business that was similar to mine), until we needed another employee with excellent English skills. We hired a 70 year old friend's 20 year old wife from Isan.

Everybody is great. Everybody gets along. We have the best workplace that I have ever experienced myself.

I am thankful every day.

What don't I like about Chiang Mai?

The nightlife isn't as good as Bangkok.

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> What don't I like about Chiang Mai?

> The nightlife isn't as good as Bangkok.

Ha, I used to think that too.. But then I moved to Bangkok for 3-4 months. I actually managed to start missing Chiang Mai nightlife REAL soon. Especially when you look at the usual Farang haunts in Bangkok, God those became depressing real fast.

> No beach unfortunatley and everything is a little more expensive

Compared to BKK and Pattaya?! No way! I'd rephrase that as: "Everything is a lot cheaper, except for things that have come from the coast like gasoline, seafood, etc." Of course it takes a while of being here before you find the cheapest places for everything. Noting that you went to a real estate agent for your house I think you have a little while to go, but you *will* cut a good percentage off your expenses without even trying.

> (things that have to come from the coast) like gasoline, seafood ect.

Well, if I compare with living in Bangkok then yes gasoline is cheaper to buy per liter.. But I also burnt up loads more of the stuff while stuck in traffic jams and in typical Bangkok 'dash and brake' traffic. Bottom line: I spend much less on gasoline in Chiang Mai for the same distance travelled, even though it costs more per liter............

With seafood you also have to be careful. Unless you know where to go in Bangkok or Pattaya (or Hua Hin, etc, etc) then it's not entirely impossible to end up spending more compared to a place like Similan Seafood on Fa Ham road. (close to The Resort, but on the other side of the road. not sure if it's called 'Similan' or 'Andaman' actually.. not even sure if the sign is in English or not.. :o. Anyway I *can* recommend that one for seafood, though the setting is a bit on the basic side compared to places like Nang Nual and all those.

What I will categorically agree to though is that at regular restaurants, dishes with any kind of seafood in them will have LOADS more of it down South. It's funny almost, like a typical shrimp tom yam in Chiang Mai is not quite the same dish as it would be near the coast.. :-)

[seafood is a funny business... "down to Eath" basic restaurant right on the pier in Naklua (North Pattaya), catrering mostly to Thais... sells by the kilo like so many places do.. 600 baht per kilo for sea crabs (poo nua, not poo maa which are cheaper). Market price or even Tesco Lotus price for these is like 150 baht per kilo...... Ok, restaurants should make a profit, but keep in mind that for 'normal food' the cost of a dish is perhaps 10 baht which they sell at 80 baht: totally fine. That's 70 baht per dish for costs and profit. However 600 baht vs. 150 baht is a bit more of a difference isn't it......]

Sorry for the topic-hijack. ;-)



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Actually I thought prices at Mango Tree were good. I have had a lunch and a breakfast there now, and both times got change out of 130 baht.

Yes I am a bit kee nio, but not overly.

Nope - you just know like me that, at some time in the past , you had to sweat to earn it ! And ain't it sweet to be at the spending-end of the cycle :o

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I'm fine with the Thai drivers- just drive the way they do, minus the idiot part.

It's the farang drivers that scare me. I always give way to them out of fear- especially the motorcyclists. 18 years of driving bikes and cars here with no accidents...

I do hate the terrible smoke we have here now. :D

Everything else annoying about living here has a work-around, in my view- usually a mental one :o . Nothing bad enough to really piss me off....And I'm not a 'cai yen' kinda guy, either....

I'm even content with the corruption as long as it continues to work in my favor :D

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Ah yes.. That is one strange location to be doing a slightly up-scale proper restaurant.. I'd probably go there if it was in any other location. It sure is pricey though.. which I don't mind on occaision if the value is there, say at The House restaurant past Somphet market.


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