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Greek claims Thai girlfriend swindled him out of Phuket property, two million baht

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I am in a relationship and have a lot of money invested in my/our future with my wife here. I am in 100%. But that means protecting myself as well as my wife. I have a nut buried away that my 25 yr old son can access for me if all goes to hell. If it never does it's good. I don't mean it's a million dollars or anything but enough to make some rent someplace and move on in life. I hope I never have to use it. All that said, if she wants me out she'll have me out and I will just have to just eat it. I knew that when I started and I know that now as it will be tomorrow. It doesn't seem that complicated to me.

Why not at least get a lifetime usufruct agreement registered on the title deed? Not foolproof but gives some protection and doesn't cost much. It does make it difficult to sell or mortgage the property and you cannot legally be evicted.

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As for my wife she is manipulative, greedy, lazy, and will steal, lie and cheat. This has not been influenced on her by sadistic Pattaya journey girls, she does not drink, smoke and work! If i can get an 18 year old clean slate 9 years ago and do nothing but offer trust, advice, security, status, money, car, house, and this person is naturally unsentimental, heartless, disrespectful, deceitful and genetically flawed, what chances do most people have.

I think I have your wives a bit older sister as a GF with 2 children together now. (+2,5 years) and now 11 years relationship. facepalm.gifblink.png

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