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Where has all the beer gone ?

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I'm staying home tonight. There'll be Falang rioting in the streets if the Bar Beers have run dry.

Oh wait, no beer, no drunk Falang? It's a chicken and egg sort of situation.

Nuh, I'll stay home. coffee1.gif

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The tax increase has made people hoard.

Expect 5 baht more / bottle now in 7/11.

Remeber the floods last year, beer was at a premium price, supply and demand, if the Thai's can hoard it now and get a better price in the near future then they'll do it, 5 baht x 24 = 120 per box..

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There has been an increase in the tax on beer, as well as on red and white liquor. Most middle-man suppliers are still uncertain as to how much they will be selling each product. Until the mom and pop minimarts are told what the new selling price will be, they don't want to sell their old product, bought prior to the tax increase, because they view that as losing money. When they sell older, cheaper beer at the new, higher prices, they will make much more profit per bottle. So they sit on that older product until they know the new price. It looks from where I am that Leo will sell for 50 baht per bottle, Chang at 48 baht per bottle, and Singha at 60 baht per bottle.

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