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Where has all the beer gone ?

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I'm staying home tonight. There'll be Falang rioting in the streets if the Bar Beers have run dry.

Oh wait, no beer, no drunk Falang? It's a chicken and egg sort of situation.

Nuh, I'll stay home. coffee1.gif

gonna be weird when foreigners start drinking laokao instead of beer

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This tax hike is very confusing, on the 10th of this month I ordered new wine stock for my wife's shop from Siamwinery.

They do the Mont Clair range, the local rep. said I can't have it until next month and he has no idea what the price will be.

Surely large companies like this can work out the tax, or maybe the government are still unsure.

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Last I heard, the government had announced the tax increase and the date it is to start, but it is yet to go through parliament. (I could be wrong here.) So the problem is no one knows if the tax increase is going to happen. This would explain the confusion in the supply chain as to the cost.

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