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Unseen Chiang Rai

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In this way I never get rich! You could at least have let me the illusion.

Anyhow, I bought swimming trunks and I hope to launch myself soon.

In the mean time:

Not all pubs/restaurants in Chiang Rai are typically Thai.

This one certainly not. It looks more like a European place.

It's in the middle of town, not far from Gare Garon. More I don't say :D

Limbo, unseen :o

This looks as an old dutch restaurant. I wonder where? Hmmm....

How is the food?

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Is it a book shop internet cafe and coffe shop name >> connect -cafe' ? near labanese resturant ,right?

if it is,what can i get this time? hahahaha

Let me say that this restaurant/pub has the only outside terrace in Chiang Rai town with a heating system (gas burners under the roof).

Let me add that this place also is the only one in town that has a cooling system for its outside terrace (waternozzles).

So it is never too cold and never too hot.

The food is excellent.

What about a 'pita shoarma' or a 'sandwich croquet' as reward?

Limbo :o

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umm... is that a pub and resturant in Night bazaar just at the beer garden? i cant remember the name of it? up stair...???

No, no, no, Unknown User!

After the third guess you are going to be disqualified!

You are probably talking about the Ratanakosin Restaurant of the lovely British/Thai couple, who I didn't see for such a long time that I forgot their names.

Specialized in classical Thai dishes (Ratanakosin period) in a great ambiance, breathing tradition.

A lot of beautiful antiques are setting the tone.

Do they have heating on their terrace? No!

Do they have cooling water spraying? No!

Do they have shoarma? No!

Do they have croquets? No!

Last chance U_U!

Limbo :o

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This looks as an old dutch restaurant. I wonder where? Hmmm....

How is the food?

HEY dr Limbo.

Two months and you don't give me the prize ? :D

Ol' Dutch!!!!! :o:D:D

In an unguarded moment indeed I wrote:

"What about a 'pita shoarma' or a 'sandwich croquet' as reward?"

I secretly hoped that it would have gone unnoticed, but as it didn't I have to accept the consequences :D . Honest is honest

Dear Svenivan,

Please, when you go to town, give me a call. We have to talk about the photo exhibition anyhow.

If that's too complicated just ask the owner, Henk, to phone me (This of course to avoid that suddenly everybody goes there and claims a 'pita shoarma' or 'broodje croquet').

Limbo :D

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post-6305-1158475152_thumb.jpg post-6305-1158475133_thumb.jpg post-6305-1158475079_thumb.jpgKnown to a very little 'happy few' Chiang Rai has a museum in the middle of town.

The pictures give some idea about the interior and its regular visitors.

The question is: Where is this museum?

Limbo :o


Edited by Limbo
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is that at the building behide King Rama 5 monument?

Right you are :D , the Sala Klang Kao, home of the Provincial Cultural Council. We know that the building (by Dr. Briggs, with the approvement of King Rama V) is a little bit more than hundred years old.

Do you have any idea when the statue was erected?

The statue of King Mengrai dates from 1954 if I am right. My guess is that the statue of King Rama V is of a later date.

Thanks for your quick replay!

Limbo :o


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OHHH i couldnt remember my teachers name.. it was too long time ago In The Rai.... let me count...1...9.... ohh yes back to the year 1990! when my first Phatom 1 there till Phatom 6 d....a....m....n.... didnt noticed i am that old now....:o

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