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32,000 Thai six graders are illiterate: Education official

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A few years back, something like 4-5 if I remember correctly, Vietnam realized the importance of English on the "world stage", and took a somewhat radical step to improve it.

1st - The closed ALL schools and sent the TEACHERS back to school, to be taught by NES (Native English Speakers) brought in from the US. England, Australia and even Philippines to "reteach the teachers".

2nd - They "Roman-ized" their alphabet, and the teachers then taught using that. One unexpected, but much welcomed, surprise from that is that it soon began to make a marked difference in also learning the Vietnamese Language, with test scores easily showing the improvements.

Are the Vietnamese, a Communist S.E. Asian nation concerned about "face". Yes, but it's the "face of the future" of their country. Unlike Thailand, were current "face" is all important, and the future will take care of itself.

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"Dr. Chinnapat Bhumirat, Secretary of Office of the Basic Education Commission of Thailand, said approximately 64,000 Pathomsuksa 3 and 32,000 Pathomsuksa 6 students in Thailand are illiterate. The number amount to 8% and 4% of the overall students number in their range, respectively."

posted about a year ago, when we moved to countryside, that the p.3. literacy rate was 50% in my son's class to be. not my number, i was there on the parents+kids/teacher meeting when this number came out!

granted, that thai is difficult language. however, kids can learn easily when they grow into a language.

if you think English is easier, than what is the explanation of the level of Thai national English teachers, or 99% of kids not speaking the language after what? 15-19 years of leaning it?

before get to conclusions, i also learnt this language, not a native, and that was 4 yrs in the school, not 19...and not an international or anything like, since that time we were still behind the iron curtain.

it is rather the result of unqualified teachers, and unmotivated kids that they cant read or write their own language, or a second one.

but now in the AESAN, things will change. yay! or not.

a wake up call is in order, but will things be different? i doubt.

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How do they actually get through to grade 6 if they can't read or write. My 5 yr old son is being tested this week in Thai and English reading writing and Arithmetic proficiency. He is actually very good in both languages.

I realise that some children are slower at learning than others and these children should be afforded special classes and not promoted up the order. Simply elevating them only makes things harder for them.

It is very easy to get to high school (Matayom) and not be able to read and write. I have students that I am positive have o idea what they are doing.

In english they get by by having their friends copy for them or just being the class clown and getting passed on.

After talking to Thai teachers they have the same problem.

I hate to sound like a broken record ( I know dating myself) but until they remove the auto pass nothing is going to change.

I just had a class of students laugh at me when I told them it was important to do the final semester test. They asked why they were going to pass anyway.

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I have been teaching in Thailand for 3 years now and I have a question

Why do 1/2 the students in every class refuse to work?


why should they?

But no worries, they will get plenty of chances to learn how to fail when they get out of school.

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What a surprise! facepalm.gif

It is not surprising knowing that they are on "NO FAIL POLICY". Any student can just BUY his grade or may not care coz after all, they will pass. Furthermore, how can they learn with the pity methods of teaching of their teachers?

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Is that not amazing? And they still, despite being illiterate, somehow made it to the 6th grade. What a great teaching job. Total mockery of education.

You mentioned it right! Total mockery! They just make things right inside the room when visitors are coming. Thai teachers just pull out foreigners to boast they have foreign teachers. You seea very beautiful pictures but sadly to know they are just until pictures without anything behind them.

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I teach an English language course part time in the evenings (reading/speaking) to a class of 25 to 28 year old Technical School Thai students.

I almost fell over with shock last week when their Thai teacher informed me that these same students..."attend classes at the Tech school during the day - 12x50 minute sessions per week - to learn to both speak and write Thai......."

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The failures will continue until this "face" thing is obliterated from Thai culture.

I am under strict orders to never fail my students. Even though the lowest score can be 50%, that is not considered a failure. whistling.gif

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Failing is a total no no. Embarrassed parents would burn such a school down. In s private school would not pay for next year. Total nonsense. But I like how government explained it some time ago. Students getting dumber was a result of deficiency of certain chemical element. Cannot remember the last name now.

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