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Pattaya Police arrest two suspects in Ukrainian abduction case

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Final suspects in Ukrainian abduction case arrested by Pattaya Police

PATTAYA:--Pattaya Police announced on Friday the arrest of the final two suspects wanted in connection with the recent abduction of a Ukrainian who was held for a 1 Million Baht ransom.

Police Colonel Suwan, the Pattaya Police Chief, held a press conference to announce the arrest of Khun Wutipat aged 49 and Mr. Illia Miasnikov aged 48, the owner of the Diamond TV Center on Pattaya Second Road.
Full story:http://www.pattayaone.net/pattaya-news/104091/final-suspects-ukrainian-abduction-case-arrested-pattaya-police/

-- Pattaya One 2013-09-28

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There is speculation of a long term plan to set up legitimate enterprises that front for criminal intent by a Ukranian and Russian gang with criminal experience in their homelands. Within that scenario, the "Convenience Center" seems a perfect way to learn of, and potentially exploit, situations where business transactions had gone wrong in the Ukranian and Russian communities here or to intercede in any dispute where normally proper legal or police advice might have been needed.

It also seems that this case fits that speculative scenario very well. An unpaid debt, an intervention by a "Center" with spurious police connections, a retaliatory kidnap etc. etc.

The money involved with such a gang is likely considerable but the case has received a great amount of top brass attention and buying their way out may prove not to be in any local person's interest to allow. Just how much will get reported in the media is doubtful though as such cases move out of media's interest once the arrest headlines are over and much investigation result will logically be withheld. It would normally take weeks or months for any full trial anyway.

As I indicated, this is all speculation......

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