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Ah-so -- so you thought American portion sizes were big!

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If you thought America had the biggest super-sized meals, think again. In Japan, jumbo meals known as “ohmori” put the United States to shame…



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There's a television show dedicated to this stuff that one of the true channels (true x-zyte?) airs regularly. The portions are massive and they even weigh the dishes which often are several kilos for very low prices! It always amazed me how skinny asian women tended to win eating contests (and I was always disturbed that there was such a thing as eating contests) until I started watching some of the Japanese extreme eating programs with my wife.

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We once went to an all-you-can-eat place at the casino in Melbourne. There were 2 youngish, very slim Asian girls - Japanese or Korean - who my husband swore must have been camels. I couldn't believe how many times they came back to the table (next to ours) with plates piled with food which they demolished. It was truly amazing to watch them.

I've often wondered if they were alone in this quest for unthinkable amounts of food.

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