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Jai Dee

Thailand And Myanmar Will Jointly Celebrate Visakha Puja In Ranong

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Thailand and Myanmar will jointly celebrate Visakha Puja in Ranong

Ranong Province will set up the Visakha Puja event to enhance the bilateral relationship between Thailand and Myanmar.

The religious event will be held between May 11th and 13th at Suvarnakiri Viharn (สุวรรณคีรีวิหาร) Temple, or locally known as Wat Na Muang (วัดหน้าเมือง). The temple is in Tambon Khao Niwet (เขานิเวศน์), Muang District of Ranong Province.

Buddhists from Thailand and Myanmar can jointly pay homage and make merits together in this annual religious ceremony. Many religious and traditional activities will be arranged between the two countries.

The United Nations has also announced that Visakha Puja is an important day for the international community.

Source: Thai National News Bureau Public Relations Department - 27 April 2006

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