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Does CTH want any customers ?

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I had CTH installed about 2 months ago to check how it compared to my Truevisions set up. At 962 baht a month compared to the 1751 i was paying True i thought i might switch over to CTH. Since then i have not heard a word from CTH, i have no copy contract, no contract number, no communication whatsoever. My subscription is due but i don't know where to pay it or with what account number.

Apart from that there seems to be only 3 decent channels on CTH - Fox News, Fox Sports Plus and Fox Action Movies (with no thai subtitles) plus the football of course. The programme guide has no information at all on upcoming programmes and the remote seems to work with a built in 10 second delay.

Even with all its' faults Truevisions seems a better option and i'll probably stick with them. I will cancel CTH but i don't know who to tell !!

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What, some guys from CTH came and installed a dish, receiver, and wiring, you paid them and they disappeared ? How do you know that your subscription is due ? Did you get a receipt ? Did you have to pay a deposit on the equipment ? Your story just doesn't add up.

Since you appear not to have any information on this subscription I would just wait for them to contact you, which if you don't pay the bill they eventually will

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I don't care if CTH don't bill me ever, but a TV guide would be nice.

There's nothing working on their website when I select today's sport and the EPG guide on-screen rarely has any content.

I have no problems with the actual broadcasts at all... no breaking up, great picture.

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