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Ranong Province Cracking Down On Sugar Smuggling

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Ranong province cracking down on sugar smuggling

Ranong province is taking measures to prevent sugar smuggling along its borders and coastal area.

Mr. Boonsung, Thachamaneesatit (บุญส่ง เตชะมณีสถิตย์), deputy governor of Ranong province, revealed that there have been numerous past incidents of sugar smuggling along Ranong's borders and coastal areas, much of which has been sold to neighboring countries, resulting in a sugar shortage in the Ranong market. There have been reports of sugar hoarding and over-pricing.

The deputy governor assures the public, however, that the Ranong Customs House has made considerable progress in reducing smuggling incidents, and has seized more than 700 kilograms of sugar that was destined to be sold to neighboring countries.

Mr. Boonsung added that to prevent further smuggling, Ranong has coordinated with the proper agencies to be on the lookout at key border and coastal areas.

Source: Thai National News Bureau Public Relations Department - 28 April 2006

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