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long time in Thailand and my thai still sucks

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I've lived almost 11 years in Thailand, had my bachelor degree in Thailand, have many Thai friends, my wife is Thai, constantly i'm hearing Thai from my relatives, and my Thai language is probably a D- for speaking/grammar, D for listening, and F for reading/writing. My brother who's finishing his bachelor degree in Thailand, more fluently in Thai than me. I guess there's called Language Skill on everybody.

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I felt exactly as you do and have a great deal of difficulty tuning to the tones. I just put my head down and studied, and listened and I also did formal training in a Thai language school which reall

Learning a language is mostly about memory, and its well known peoples memory isnt as good as you get older. The main issue I think for westerners is the tonal system, because we never learned to lis

You are not alone. I gave up a long time ago.

It's easier to learn a new language from young, but once you hit 20s or 30s, it's very difficult. Personally I only know a few basic conversational sentences such as 'Hello', 'good morning/afternnoon/evening', 'where is the toilet?' and 'thank you'. Most of the time, I have to rely on English which I think very few Thai people can speak except for those at city areas.

I don't believe what you say about learning a new language at 20's and 30's is true at all. It's is different to be able... and be willing to put in the work and allow the understanding to happen. People have asked me many times how long I've really been in Thailand. "but you already know so much Thai and you can read! i know farang who have been here for so long and don't know more..." i've also gotten the "well since you know thai you can go to this address" after being here for 2 weeks...

i really don't know a lot of thai, but even a few words and an understanding of the language can be put to good use. i speak another tonal language and i understand classifiers and honorifics and different words for different politeness levels so maybe that is an advantage for me. but i'm also willing to study and learn. i pay attention to everything about the language. i don't try to apply anything from any other language (except chinese, because some things are similar and it makes sense) if you think "i will learn to replace the words in my language with thai words but otherwise speak the same", if you don't want to understand the language and the people who speak it, then you will learn nothing. language comes from the heart. to understand a language without understanding the hearts of the people speaking it is impossible. This is how I see it.

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I guess that it is not about the age if and how fast u learn a new language (that would be pretty sad).
It´s a question of motivation and pressure.

I´m not sure but maybe this video might be interesting

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I don't bother with thai but use the gf if i need to get something to my advantage,it's a bit like going to immo annually the officers yak to her not me same as bars when i pay the bin the gf get's the change many a time i've had to resort to nearly breaking her wrist to get my money back.

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Damn Immigrants. Illegals.....they dont speak our language...Oi!!! They dont eat our food ...and keep to themselves.....Hey K. Somchai what do you think? Not so much of that bothers me.....Its when they try and know whats best for us politicaly...I mean why are they here if there wonderful island nation is so great??? Dindnt there system of World domination Fail?.....yet they seem to know all. WHY DONT THEY JUST LEAVE?

SOMCHAI...They cant...no health care, seems nobody wants em.....sad

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