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Large fire at Phuket SuperCheap, reports of explosions

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Good grief, anyone who ever shopped there could see it was a disaster waiting to happen. All the customer exits were on one side of the building , no sprinklers, no alarms, ( there were fire extingushers , but they were dark green and had little signage) . Only reason it wasn't a " death trap" that particular evening is the fire (was ?) started late when most shoppers were already out.

How convenient !!

I'm sure it is also impossible wholly trust Thai authorities anyway. Lying is certainly a common the way things are dealt with. If illegal workers expired, does anyone really expect we'd hear about it ?

My god, reports last few days have Thai officials selling humans into slavery- there's really nothing further to be said.

A building that isn't a death-trap doesn't turn into a raging inferno..........it also has fire exits and even possibly a sprinkler system and/or hand-held extinguishers.

Phuketjock, your claim that it wasn't a death-trap because there were no injuries is faulty logic.

So KB you are saying there was a raging inferno in a fire death-trap and there were no deaths, who's logic is faulty???

The fact that there were no deaths and only (possibly) some minor injuries tells me that logically, notwithstanding your

raging inferno, it definitely was not a death-trap. coffee1.gif

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