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Immigration Laws - Are Thais Subject To Retaliation In Other countries?

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My wife applied for a visa for to visit my family in Arizona, just a visitors visa, my wife has no desire to move to the States, we were given a long visa application to fill out we, did everything that was requested, we went for the interview and the application was turned down, because my wife was not working and was applying with my income, she had to show she had a life here in Thailand that she would come back to. When we stated she owned 22 rai of rice fields' had two children and her family here to return to, they said based on her income she was not eligible.

I asked to talk to a supervisor, we had to come back in the afternoon to see the supervisor, as I was explaining to him what happened he said he knew what happened as he witnessed our complete interview. He stated that the visa request was rejected because my wife could had no verifiable income, and that besides the fact I been living in Thailand for four years I had a Thai tourist visa and could not verify my intentions of returning to Thailand after my visit.

I explained that my wife's income was my income (Family income) he stated I needed to include that on my wife's visa request, and I stated why if that's what was needed to approve my wife's visa application, why was that information not included on the visa application.

I said OK give me back the application and we will refile it with the added information,He stated "No" I can not do that applications was rejected. You need to file a new application and repay the application fee.

Needless to say we did not reapply, and I went to Arizona alone.

On the other hand I was given a visa on Arrival in Thailand, and had to make frequent visa runs, I was allowed easy access to live in Thailand, while my wife was not allowed a visa to meet my family. I think Thailand's immigration service is much fairer and a lot less expensive.

I went through this, but my girlfriend's visa was approved.

She had a job and I had a Thai work permit.

Now she has a ten year multi-entry visa to the US, good for six months per entry.

You go and try to get a similar visa for Thailand. Guess what? It doesn't even exist.

It sounds better than it is.

You can't actually live on that in the US like you can on a tourist visa in Thailand.

You can't just stay in the US for six months, step over to Tijuana for the day, and think you're going to be let back in for another six months. It doesn't work like that.

If you want to use it to visit the US a couple times a year for a month of a time, it will enable you to do that. But it doesn't allow you to be a perpetual tourist like Thailand allows.

Big difference.

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I am closing this topic because there is too much nonsensical bickering going on and there are too many irrelevant and off-topic posts. Fellow moderators may look at it in the morning and reopen it if they wish to see if the hot heads have cooled down.


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