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Best Chicken Cordon Bleu in Bangkok?

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Not sure about Bangkok, but for awhile the Cucumber restaurant in Pattaya was offering "Chicken Gordon Blue" on the sidewalk chalkboard menu.

Sounds like an Australian variation.

Oi! Bluey! What ya doing mate??!

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Can't say it's the best (in fact it's probably the worst, and definitely should be avoided) is the deep-fried chicken cordon bleu (or should that be bleughh!) at Scoozi. It's new on the menu and I tried it last night. The chicken is dry and tough. The breadcrumb coating has all the charm and appeal of congealed sawdust. The white gloop is allegedly mozzarella cheese. Would never have guessed it. And the bacon was indiscernible.

This culinary disaster was served with breaded, deep-fried mashed potato - hardly a pairing made in heaven. The potato was almost certainly made from dried potato flakes.

And finally, the accompanying salad (actually, just a bunch of cos lettuce leaves - nothing like the array of salad leaves shown in the promotional pictures) was totally undressed. Perhaprabbits prefer their salad without a slick of vinaigrette, but I (and all right-thinking individuals) most certainly don't.

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