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More than 100,000 foreigners staying illegally in Thailand


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At the end we are going to pay for the rice losses and the confiscated money form the guy in Dubai.Wait and see!

While your blaming Thaksin for this you might as well blame GW Bush and the American Republicans they probably have some responsibility. NOT!

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" use the 500 Baht fee scheme to help attract ‘quality’ tourists to Thailand and tackle the problem of foreigners staying in the country illegally."

Quality tourists won't even notice, but this won't ATTRACT anyone.

Also this is so low that the un-quality backpackers will just pay.

The true scum tourists won't notice it a bit either, and this will not affect them.

And unless this is applied to visa overstay research and actual manhunts

for overstayers after a certain point it will do jack squat about the illegal people.

This files under aggravation or nuisance, not any of the above fantasy reasons.

Of course it WILL create a nice little way to skim money

and slide back handers to department heads,

and keep the happy graft cycle going.

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Presumably, this means that all persons re-entering the country after a "visa run" will be, as usual, classified as 'tourists' and be expected to pay B500?

Visa runners, by the very nature of their activity as 'perpetual tourists', should benefit from a 1000 baht 'entrance fee' with an escalation factor, ie, 2nd visa run = 2000 baht, 3rd visa run = 3000 baht, 4th visa run = 4000 baht, etc., etc..

Right, that's them sorted. Now, what about them bloody Burmese construction workers, eh?

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Not that all the moaning & groaning aren't justified, but the thais behind this idea probably see this as free money. Q: If this is imposed, will it really have any impact on tourism, any at all? If so, WHO will be deterred from coming by it? Moreover, in a year or two, the outrage over it will have moved on to some other current scam. This'll just be "official": after all, why should the street scammers make all the money?!

In the Land of Scams, this is "opportunity". If you're actually in the thai decision chain, it's probably much harder to be arguing against this than to be arguing for it.

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Officials and Government should be emabarrassed. Simply means they are not doing their job properly. If they follow up on illegal immigrants there is no reason to charge the 500Bt fee. Then again the latter is more simple for these lazy officials who can all get a share in their own pockets

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If they wish to attract "quality tourist" how about radical idea of providing "quality experience"? Start by cleaning house, literally and figuratively. Place is filthy, throw garbage everywhere.... then if farang drop butt, fine him/her 2000. Clean police department up so that when the QT's get ripped off by local jet ski or whatever, they are dealt with harshly. Rule of law: what a concept!

Funny they forgot to go into detail just what these "new measures" would be to prevent overstays.... perhaps because they have no idea and it was just brain farts, like the rest of what they pass off as "ideas"?

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There are millions of illegal workers in Thailand.

But they are slaves to the rich and corrupt here so will not be mentioned.

I would argue they are far more likely to commit crime and be a problem for the authorities than John Smith from England who has got a bit beery and carried away and overstayed his tourist visa for a couple of days.

As to be expected from you a chance to bash. There is a difference between an illegal worker and an overstay. An overstay had a visa to begin with.

Not really surprised at the 100.000 figure for overstay. It is a beautiful country with friendly people.

I would be surprised if the figure was 100,000 overstays in Burma.

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I thought they introduced the Elite card to entice quality tourists,

and we all know what a great success that turn out to be.

This bht 500 a time is just away to extort any tourists who want

to come here,many will not fuss about it,but its the principle of

it,and is this going to go on top of the Bht500 they were talking

about charging to cover medical expenses for all tourists entering

the Kingdom.

regards Worgeordie

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A Farang is a milk cow for the Thai economy.

Every country in the world will be happy when farang come for holiday.

The Thai economy is for 60% depending from the touristindustry.

The quality of the service is low except the 5-star hotels, but they count European rates.

I should the entrance to Thailand easier with visa 90 days and do not count 500 baht entrance fee.

The explanation that farang have to pay for healthcare is bullshit, because farang pays in a hospital same

prices as in Europe.

Stimulate the tourist industry, because it gives a lot employment and fight the cheating taxi-drivers, jetski-rental, bus-drivers and corrupt police-officers.

The tourist want quality of their stay and don't need theme-parks. Concentrate on the Chinese because they are going to come for holiday with millions.

Think about your future over 20 years, because tourists are oly coming temporarely.

My view is opposite.

I have a feeling that the main reason why Farang is here to to milk the Thai people, especially the one with big tits.

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I have no doubt that the majority in the kingdom illegally is a huge portion of the labor force.

Without the illegals, who's going to build homes, clean homes, and do the jobs that most thai's don't want to do?

I think if you got rid of all the illegals, it wouldn't change the number of westerners so much as it would change

the number of below minimum wage workers and those that work the streets.

Easy for those from the neighboring countries to blend in, but not so easy for the westerners.

Even those from India that are loan sharks seem to blend in quite well.

Maybe they should follow Obama's lead and give all illegals legal status, driver's licenses

and the right to vote. ha! laugh.png

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