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free power with biogas ?

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I just stumbled over the topic of producing your own gas and electric power with a diy biogas power plant.

This produces methan gas from organic waste. You can use the gas in a stove or burn it in a generator.

We own an 8 rai property and have a lot of grass cut two times per month which could be used.

I learned it is used in many hot countries in SEA and Australia. You can find about it in the internet.

One website about this is http://www.libertygeneratorreview.com/building-a-liberty-generator-device/

Has anyone experience and can advise?


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There was something on the news about a year ago about a Thai pig farmer that was filling large plastic bags with the gas and giving it to the poor to use in their cook stoves. Shouldn't be hard to do. The High school where I am from made fuel from the used oil from fast food restaurants. Worked in diesel engines. You could always tell the trucks that were using it because the exhaust smelled if French fries

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