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50 HD Channels for True Visions -- Must Register by 10-31

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Please tell us which channel has Letterman etc.?

Channel 143 CBS Entertainment

Letterman is 22:45 weekdays

Frasier is on the weekends, Everyone Loves Raymond, Elementary etc on during the week. You really have to scroll through the online program guide to figure out what's on when.

There's also stuff on channel 122, but no information in the program guide. It's just shows "future channel," although there are programs on now. It's a total crap shoot and you have to keep surfing through the channels to find something you might be interested in.

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Is anyone actually getting Disney channel on 37? Shows as blocked for me. Wonder if Disney XD on 129 the same channel in HD?

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I have a Gold membership and I get Disney on channel 37. I did "sign up" for the offer that True made before 31st October. I don't really know what I was signing up for, but maybe that opened some channels. It seems like everyone who pays the same subscription rates ought to get the same channels, but as I say, I don't know what the sign-up was meant to achieve.

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