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Does anyone know an Education Visa Language school that gives an options for PRIVATE lessons in bkk?

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Someone told me there is a school in Pattaya that does the standard Annual Visa course, BUT they also give an option to trade your group lessons for shorter (less frequent) private lessons.

has anyone heard of this?

does anyone know any places in Bangkok that do this?


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The Ed Visa course is structured to run over the course of a year so that students get the full 12 month benefit of their Ed Visa. That equates to about 180 / 200 hours of tuition a year which breaks into 4 hours per week. With this method you will get the full 'value' of your Ed Visa (utilising the 3 monthly extensions) for a year.

If you were to do any "trade off' (if it were possible) then surely your hours/time would be be cut accordingly - which would of course affect your Ed visa/extension validity as the 200 hours are spread over the year. (You get the extensions as you are still mid-course, so to speak)

If you paid the same fee - then consider that the teacher in a 'normal ' group class might have at least 6 students. Then surely if you had 1-1 lessons you could expect your course fee to be used up in 1/6th of the normal time (equating to 2 months)

I know some students who do the 4 hours per week group class, then take additional private lessons on a 1-1 basis (at extra cost). The two seem to compliment each other and it seems to improve their Thai much faster.

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+1 for pro language asoke but you will have to pay for the whole year group class and then you can take as much private lessons as you want. Nobody checks if you go to group classes or not. Even if you dont have private classes.

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