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Is there anybody else out there still waiting for their Truevisions Deposit. I canceled with them mid August 2013 And I'm still waiting for my deposit of 2000 Baht. I received a Tax Invoice voucher at the beginning of October but I'm still waiting for the cheque. I was told that I would receive the cheque 2 weeks after receiving the invoice but so far nothing.

I don't understand why this should take so long ( they originally quoted me 60 days).

I know TIT and all that but why should it take 60 days, now longer, to return a 2000 Baht deposit. From what I understand I'm not a rare case and wonder just how many deposits Truevisions are sat on.

I'm not sure if I posted this in the correct forum. If not could a mod put it right.

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Still waiting for mine ,it must be 8/10 years now,have given

up on it, but I did get a bit recompense in watching all their

channels for a couple of years at Bht 250 p.m. via pirate

means.they must be the most hated company in Thailand,

the more competition they get the better.

regards Worgeordie

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Told us (the Thai wife and I) it would take around 45 days...and once the pink receipt thingie shows up that's confirmation True is in the final stages of processing your refund and you should get a check in approx. 2 more weeks. First time we turned in a True box it took around 6 months to get the refund after numerous in-person follow ups to a True Service Center....the next box turn-in took exactly 100 days from box pickup by True to refund check received with one or two follow-ups. The account was in my Thai wife's name with Thai ID card so it wasn't a farang thing...True just slow in refunding in some cases. Now, there are also quite a few posts where folks did get their refund check in around 45 days. We live in Bangkok.

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