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Chiang Mai Area

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As to a meeting place...... no one yet has mentioned The Bears Den......

The Bear's Den British Pub/Bar & Restaurant would be pleased to host regular meetings for Forum Members. It's an ideal centralish location next to the Rimping Condo, car parking, loads of space, great beer terrace or awesome inside bar with pool, dart and big screen TV for the sports. A discount could be arranged for Thai Forum Members - call Dave 01 288 4037.

And why not promote the venue if it is in context with the topic! A meeting place is wanted, suggestions are offered, no harm in that. Yes, I have a financial interest but as a pub we take a lot onf interest in the Chiang Mai community hosting International Ladies Luncheons, a Slimming Club, Birthday Parties, Kid's Cricket Functions (CMSCA), Charity events etc.

I hope you can work something out - sadly the bear will be off on assignment in India so I can't join you - have fun, and as TBD slogan goes "Where Good Friends Meet" (or have yet to meet?).

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