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THAI plane’s tyre bursts after landing

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The pilot can't lock one wheel. So an ABS failure on the failed assembly is more likely, since the other tires look fine (without being able to see all around the tires). A bit of investigation is warranted.

Correct. It is not possible by pilot error alone. Requires a brake system component malfunction to go with it. Or no pilot error, just "normal" heavy braking and component malfunction. In any case quite common. This is how you would find out about a brake system problem, usually. Check anti-skid fault codes, check wheel transducers, check brakes for freedom of rotation, check anti-skid valves, check wiring for damage, etc. If nothing found, replace and bench test anti-skid controller. Nothing in this incident is directly implying poor maintenance (even though that is probably also true).

MrY has covered it.

Very unlikely to be locked on touch down as suggested above up the page. Also unlikely to be pilot error, even if you apply brakes in the air, nothing happens and there are many protective systems, this is indicative of an anti-skid component failure.

The two really concerning issues in my eyes, the idiot statement out of THAI is outrageous and insulting to anyone with 2 brain cells and this idiot should be fired. And the report that they just replaced the wheel, there is clearly a mechanical (or system) malfunction that needs to be addressed first. Lets just hope this was poor reporting.

By people who should know, THAI is really not that bad behind the scenes as is made out on Thai Visa in maintenance and tech crew standard, but some bizare marketing for sure with price structures and PR statments.

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Was the tyre a remould/retread.................w00t.gif

Normally would be, it is normal for 12 re-treads. (I mean to be retreaded 12 times) Nothing wrong with this. They are designed to be re-treaded.

By whom............whistling.gif ..............smile.png

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THAI officials said it was not a burst but just the tyre deflated after landing.

I didnt know deflated tyre could make a noise of loud explosion .. another lies from officials to save their faces ? This kind of tyre issue happens very often . no need to cover up .

They just seem to have got into the habit of it now. (Telling lies despite the truth being innocuous).

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Her goes Thai A/Ways hiding things again, what would the load explosion then, they never mentioned that. Thai Air are getting away from their now old reputation of good planes, service etc. I fly 3-4 times a year back to New Zealand, they used to use good comfy planes and service was great but over the last 2-3 years they have used their old 777's, the seats are like wood and service has really declined where the staff think they are so important and make you feel guilty if you call them for something.

Also their Thai miles program, I always book my flights in New Zealand and fare prices have really gone up, I now pay between $1700-$2200 return and they class it as a special and do not give mileage, but when I book my wife ticket here here fare is the same or little less what I pay and she gets mileage from here.

I had to go home few months ago before my Thai return ticket date, Thai were 49,000baht $2,000 and I checked Qantas they were $1,300 and very good comfortable plane, good service etc.

I will be looking to Qantas in future, and stuff Thai Airways all they think about now is profits.

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